Bloggen handlade från början om terapi, psykisk och fysisk misshandel samt sexuella övergrepp. I huvudsak använde jag den som ett terapiredskap för att bearbeta mina egna reaktioner och minnen. Nu skriver jag om vad som faller mig in, om mitt nya liv i Holland blandat med mitt gamla liv i Sverige.

To Maarten

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My last publish made me realise how much I love you, you are the one in my life and I so badly hope we can survive this as well. As I have told you many times, you remind me of my kids dad, you are that smart guy that have that dry humour that is so accurate. You can be a "besserwisser" from time to time like he was, but you are not gay ;) As much as I loved him, I actually feel I love you more and more for every day, you are the light of my life, you are one of the smartest persons I know and I am so sorry that I have to put you through all these things. Yes, it is a mutual decision but I still feel guilty cause you are the one that must go through all crap that the social authorities put up.

You put a smile on my face every day, you made me get over my fear of dogs, you love me for the one I am, you never judge me, ofc you can have opinions but you know how to put them to not hurt me. I dont want to leave you with all crap and I really hope I get that "vast contract" next year. Het leven is niet eerlijk voor ons, maar ik hou van jou en hoop dat het beter zal zijn tot het bent mijn liefde voor het leven!
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