Bloggen handlade från början om terapi, psykisk och fysisk misshandel samt sexuella övergrepp. I huvudsak använde jag den som ett terapiredskap för att bearbeta mina egna reaktioner och minnen. Nu skriver jag om vad som faller mig in, om mitt nya liv i Holland blandat med mitt gamla liv i Sverige.

smell blind

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So, when I am in again I just have to tell a bit more ;) Here they have a commercial about being smell blind (geuren blind) which means you cant smell stuff. If you are sweaty you just don´t smell it even that other reacts on it. Between me and Maarten that has become a joke cause he just never feels any smells and I am extremely sensitive about them. I can feel sick over some smells and almost puke while he is like what, I cant smell anything. Hehe, so today I farted and I told him (laughing), oops, I farted and the response I get is, hahaha, lucky I am colour deaf! LOL, not one thing went wrong but two! How do a colour sound? and how do a fart have a colour ;) I did make a loud fart so it was not about the sound of it ;) And it did smell! Ofc he meant he is smell blind, like in the commercial so for us it went really funny, hard to explain but we laughed about it pretty good :D