Bloggen handlade från början om terapi, psykisk och fysisk misshandel samt sexuella övergrepp. I huvudsak använde jag den som ett terapiredskap för att bearbeta mina egna reaktioner och minnen. Nu skriver jag om vad som faller mig in, om mitt nya liv i Holland blandat med mitt gamla liv i Sverige.

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To all in the government and gemeentes in Netherlands.
I am a Swedish that moved to Netherlands in April 2014. I must say I am pretty amazed over the sick rules or laws you have here according to social services. When I got here I had savings of 15000 euros. I were prepared to live from that during a year to get settled. BUT no, since I was so stupid to fall in love with a Dutch guy that lived from "uitkering", I was forced into that system as well. We are now counted as a unit so it doesn´t matter if I don´t want to be in the system or not. Ok, I have to agree to it, even that it takes away my loved ones independency, this way he has no money for his own and has to live on my goodwill. We apply together for the "uitkering" and get it. BUT we have to upfront it every month because the system is counted one month after if you get your salary in March for February, you do not get it until March!
If you have a salary for February it is estimated for March for the same amount even if you do not make that amount that month. If you work you get less than the norm because they take out the vacation money ahead. I really tried to fit into the system and do the right thing by working with whatever I could but never got above the norm. Then I get punished for it by getting less money than the norm! C´mon, the message this gives is, do not work, stay at home and get the norm! This system actually forces people to stay at home instead of trying to get a job! For me right now, yes, I rather work as a volunteer and get the norm than get a real job! If you don´t make above the norm you can´t work in this system and the gemeente more or less confirms it is like that. I do not blame the gemeente for the rules, but I want them to be aware of that it is a real problem in the Dutch laws! If I stay at home I do get the norm so why even bother to work? There is a lot more to say but I will not at the moment, it is just a sick sick system!
Greetings, Lina from Sweden
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