Bloggen handlade från början om terapi, psykisk och fysisk misshandel samt sexuella övergrepp. I huvudsak använde jag den som ett terapiredskap för att bearbeta mina egna reaktioner och minnen. Nu skriver jag om vad som faller mig in, om mitt nya liv i Holland blandat med mitt gamla liv i Sverige.

It is so hard to be right!

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Today my love comes in and tell me, hmm, strange, I wanted to water the grass but the thing for the tap is gone, strange he? I just started to laugh, no my dear, it isnt strange at all. I told you when we bought it that we can´t leave it there cause it will get stolen.

But no, who will steal a thing like that, it is only a couple of euros at the super. So I thought I am stupid but in Sweden kids collect stuff like that. It is like a status thing to have it on your keyring and being able to put water on whenever you like, either to play a prank or cause you get thirsty.

Maybe dutch kids are better than swedish that way so yea, ok, leave it then, but can you atleast put a string to it? Nope and now it is gone! Worst is we have to spend another couple of euros to buy a new one but I bet that it will be keeped inside this time :D Or with a chain ;)
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