Bloggen handlade från början om terapi, psykisk och fysisk misshandel samt sexuella övergrepp. I huvudsak använde jag den som ett terapiredskap för att bearbeta mina egna reaktioner och minnen. Nu skriver jag om vad som faller mig in, om mitt nya liv i Holland blandat med mitt gamla liv i Sverige.


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Some years ago a couple of friends told me they get a crush at their husbands after years of being married. They just got like newly in love once and a while. Then I didn´t understand it. It is so lovely when people like Pidde and Svante that have been married for 30 years still are so in love with eachother. After 30 years they still can´t keep their hands off eachother. It makes me so jealous! Same with Roger and Marie, Marie once told me that she sometimes went so tired of her husband, but then all of a sudden, after hard working in the garden,  he takes a shower, put some "smellgood" on and goes back to the guy she fell in love with :)
Now I can understand it, it doesn´t matter if he is smelly sometimes or if he is a nerd, sometimes you just get that feeling of this is my man and I love him no matter what. He is mine and I just do not care what others think about him. He just fit me and I love him the way he is. Best of all is he loves me back the same way. I am a pain in his ass the same way he is in mine sometimes. But then all of a sudden you somehow realise that you love him anyway and get that feeling of how it was in the beginning. And yeyy, you just get that feeling of just getting in love again! So my dearest, I just love you :)
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